Why You Should Have a Buffet at Your Wedding

August 17, 2018

One of the most important decisions a couple will have to make when planning their wedding is to choose between a buffet-style meal and the classic sit-down dinner. This decision may impact your wedding venue, or your venue could offer both options with limited options for each. While sit-down dinners have their place in traditional weddings, there’s a lot to say in favor of the buffet. A few reasons why you might want to consider having a buffet at your wedding are:

Why You Should Have a Buffet at Your Wedding
  • They’re more affordable – No one wants to start their marriage off with a whole lot of debt, so looking for an affordable wedding venue and meal options is pretty important. Generally, buffets are less expensive simply due to the wedding venue or catering not requiring a full serving staff to provide meals.

  • Have the meal experience you want – Have you ever sat down to dinner at a wedding, and while you picked one option you’re starting to think the other option looks more appetizing? This is something you never have to worry about with a buffet. Guests (and you) can eat whatever you like, as much as you like, and in whatever order you wish to eat it. You can get the pork and the chicken, and all the assorted sides to go with them
  • You don’t have to assign seats – With a sit-down meal, you’re kind of obligated to stay in your assigned seat. At a buffet, that’s not so necessary. Guests can get up, mingle, and sit with who they choose, changing seats all along the way. This creates a better social vibe and really lets everyone have an opportunity to see everyone else.
    Why You Should Have a Buffet at Your Wedding

  • A quicker experience – A formal dinner makes it so every guest needs to be served individually, and particularly in larger weddings, this can take a lot of time. Your wedding reception will go by in the blink of an eye, so you don’t want to rush some parts to allow for the time needed for others. At a buffet, guests are served all the courses they’d like all at once, so the timing of events tend to move along smoothly. 

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