Throwing A Party? Here Are Useful Tips In Planning Your Menu

July 20, 2018

Ever attended a party where the food wasn’t good? For most event planners, nothing is worse than hungry and unsatisfied guests. Even if you choose the best birthday party venue in the world, it will all be meaningless if your guests have empty stomachs.

Planning a menu is all balance. This helps ensure that everyone on the guest list has something to eat. In order to do this successfully, you have to know how many people to expect and have a rough idea on their diet preferences.

Thinking of throwing a party in an event space in San Diego? Here are some tips that you might find useful in planning your menu:

Throwing A Party? Here Are Useful Tips In Planning Your Menu - event space in san diego

1. Make Food An Attraction

Never treat food as an afterthought. It’s always one of the main attractions that can make or break an event. To help reduce your problems, choose a private party venue that also serves good food.

Here at Carnitas’, food will never be a problem. We have a amazing menu including our Triple Threat Pork sandwich, fish tacos, carnitas and more. We’re always happy to talk to guests about helping them customizing a menu. Our various food options make us the best event space in San Diego.

Assemble-your-own food can be an option for guests too. It can be an amazing conversation starter. Talk to us if you want your guests to make their own tacos at your next event.

2. Offer Various Options

Smart menu planning ensures that you have flavorful combinations and options for everyone. We know we’re popular for our pork offerings, but hey, we offer other options too. We have fish tacos and guacamole. We even have cauliflower tacos for vegetarians! A lot of the items on our menu are kid-friendly as well.

We’re not saying that you should offer everything we have to your guests. Plan your menu depending on the number of people you will have, their diet preferences, and of course, your budget.

3. Make Sure You Have Enough For Everyone

Even if you serve amazing food, your guests still won’t be happy if there isn’t enough for everyone. Many factors come into play as you make your decision. What kind of party are you having? How long do you expect the guests to stay? How many dishes are you serving?

Pro tip: Always round up your estimates. More often than not, guests do manage to find a way to finish everything. More food is a better problem than not having enough.

Throwing A Party? Here Are Useful Tips In Planning Your Menu

4. Serve appetizers and finger-foods too

If you expect your guests to interact, it’s best to have appetizers and finger-food that they can munch on as they mingle. This is essential if you are serving alcoholic drinks and cocktails, too. The longer your party, the more food of this type you should offer.

Here at Carnitas, we have options that will keep your guests happy. You can add our seasoned fries, chicharones, and chips and guac to you your menu.

5. Don’t Forget The Drinks And Dessert!

Good drinks and dessert can turn a good party menu into something phenomenal! They’re good to enjoy after a pork-centric meal and they encourage your guests to relax, mingle and talk.

Here at Carnitas’, we take drinks and dessert seriously too. With our modern and outdoor bar, we are mighty proud of our creative cocktails and extensive list of craft beers. For those with a sweeth tooth, we have soft serve ice cream, brownies and cookies.

If you’re having guests fly in just for your event, make sure to give them a chance to enjoy the harbor view, smell the ocean and drink a nice IPA. Can you think of anything else more distinctly San Diego than that?

Ready for your food tasting? Treat yourself to a Carnitas’ Snack Shack lunch and discover what makes this food hub and event space in San Diego simply awesome.