Tips for Throwing An Outdoor Event In San Diego

May 11, 2018

The daily dose of sunshine, the picturesque views, and the relaxed Southern California lifestyle make San Diego the perfect spot to throw outdoor events and parties.

Tips for Throwing An Outdoor Event In San Diego

Whether you are planning an intimate wedding reception for family and friends,  or a fete for a large group, here are simple tips that can make your warm weather get-togethers more fun and memorable:

1. Make Your Guests Comfortable

When planning an outdoor event, you have to consider details that you probably don’t have to think about in an indoor setup. The most important thing is to make your guests comfortable. Make sure that you have good lighting for ambiance and safety. Also, check the access to the indoor bathrooms and parking lots. Consider the needs of the majority and do what you can to make their lives easier.

2. Make Sure You Play The Right Music

Entertaining pros know that a party is not complete without the right music. Don’t wander around your playlist on the day of your event. Make sure to prepare with the right tunes that matches the mood of your party. Consider the theme of the party and the taste of your guests. You might also want to provide live music from local artists to keep the event interesting and entertaining.

3. Serve Cool Cocktails

Beat the heat and serve refreshing cocktails that your guests will want to drink all night long. Are you celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or wedding? You can have a special drink created in honor of the occasion. Fruity cocktails with unique names often get wiped out in bars. You might also want to serve craft beer for non-cocktail drinkers. For more fun and entertainment, you might even want to organize drinking games.

Tips for Throwing An Outdoor Event In San Diego

4. Have A Taco Bar So Guests Can Dine When They Want To

You don’t have to serve a five-course meal but you do have to serve awesome dishes and finger food that will keep your guests happy and full. A taco bar is a great way to add an interesting touch to your event. Make sure to add interesting sweet and savory ingredients. Plus, throw in spicy options too. Guests can make their own tacos according to their preferences. They can even make it healthy and low-carb.

At Carnitas’ Snack Shack you can select from our pre-created packages or create something completely customizable.

5. Prepare Blankets For After The Sun Goes Down

Choose a location that offers a great ambiance after sundown. You might want to prepare blankets and board games to keep the casual and relaxed atmosphere of your party. It will also give your guests an opportunity to mingle and interact throughout the night.

There is no shortage of outdoor party places in San Diego. The Embarcadero is the perfect spot for scenic views and fresh air. At Carnitas’ Snack Shack we have enough space to accommodate as much as 600 people. It’s perfect for your next party!

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