Say ‘Yes’: Tips On Throwing A Successful Engagement Party

May 4, 2018

From the venue, to the food, and all of the details in between, planning an engagement party can be just as stressful as planning the wedding itself! In addition to celebrating your new status, your engagement party is also a chance for both families and other guests to mingle before the big day.

Ready to pop a bottle and show off your new ring? Here are tips on how to pull off the perfect engagement party:

1. Plan The Guest List

Wondering who should get an invitation? There are no rules, but most couples like to keep the list short and intimate. Limit your guests to family, the bridal party and a few close friends. Make sure not to invite anyone who’s not invited to your wedding! Pro tip: If you want to go chic and practical, send digital invitations. It’s easier to track RSVPs and it’s environment-friendly.

Say 'Yes': Tips On Throwing A Successful Engagement Party

2. Don’t Rush

Just got engaged last week? You don’t have to plan your pre-wedding soirée right away. It’s okay to wait until you have a rough idea of how your wedding will go so that you won’t appear clueless at your engagement party. As long as you schedule it on a special day prior to any pre-wedding showers or parties, you’ll be just fine.

3. Food is Everything

Nothing brings people together like some delicious bites, and all that socializing and celebration will leave people feeling hungry. Carnitas’ Snack Shack offers a fun, tasty and filling catering menu that will appeal to every guests’ taste buds and can be completely customizable. Not to mention, our colorfully crafted dishes will add to the festive overall look of your party.

Say 'Yes': Tips On Throwing A Successful Engagement Party


4. Provide Opportunities For Interaction

It’s a good idea to choose your maid of honor and best man before the engagement party so they can go around and introduce themselves to the other guests. A little interaction during the pre-wedding party will make your wedding day way less awkward. During the event, add personalized decorations such as a family tree or old couple photos that can be good conversation pieces for the guests.

5. Choose The Perfect Location

The engagement party should be more casual and relaxed than the wedding itself. It is best to choose a location that will encourage your guests to mingle with one another. It also helps to choose a spot that photographs beautifully

With state of the art architectural design, a laid back atmosphere and live entertainment, Carnitas’ Snack Shack is the perfect venue for your engagement party. With the San Diego Bay at your fingertips, it easily fosters bonding, long conversations, laughter, and of course, good food.