Make Your Event Instagram-Worthy With Food and Location

March 30, 2018

By now you probably know that Instagram is a place for selfies, sunsets, and swimsuit shots. But hey, it’s also about a great venue to reach your audience and spread the word about your event. You can use Instagram to improve your visibility on social media, but you need great photos to stand out.

How To Make Your Event in San Diego Instagram-Worthy

Planning an Instagram-worthy event is a good start.

What’s “Instagram-worthy,” you ask? Anything that will make your guests whip out their phones and tap away. Think scenic views, mouthwatering desserts, playful colors, – basically eye-candies that look good on a small screen.

If you’re organizing an event, it’s a good idea to purposely create photo opportunities that will entice guests to snap away shots for the ‘gram. Don’t worry, it’s not as challenging as it sounds.

ProTip: Food and venue are key ingredients that can make your event “pop” on Instagram.

Go for an irresistibly photogenic location with visible details that convey a positive vibe. The most Instagram-worthy locations look good without the need for props. A picturesque view of the San Diego Bay is a good example. Details like interesting architecture, trendy furniture, and other design elements matter too.

Of course, food shots are important as well. The thing is, making food look good in photos is harder than it sounds, so you need to choose a restaurant or catering service that values taste and presentation. Make sure to serve options with reds, greens, and oranges – color can add life to an otherwise boring food picture.

(Have you seen the Carnitas’ Snack Shack Instagram account, @carnitassnacks? Our sandwiches and drinks look really delectable in photos!)

Places to eat in san diego

Even professionals will have a problem taking stellar shots if your venue has bad lighting. Natural light is your best option, but you need to choose a place that has lighting conducive for night time events. You don’t want to dissuade your guests from taking a photo just because the lighting is not right.

Our venue has string lights that make everything look romantic at night!

Overall, you have to work on giving your event a “wow” factor that will make guests think that it’s worthy of being photographed…and to give others FOMO. To encourage guests to upload photos, you can even promote a hashtag or create a photo contest for the event.

What other tricks do you think will make an event Instagrammable?