Can’t Handle The Heat? Here Are Four Ways To Cool Down In Sunny San Diego

June 15, 2018

Ah, the famous San Diego weather. We know it’s not for everyone but we love it anyway. It’s all part of the charm of this fine city. So what are the best things to do when San Diego gets too hot to handle? Whether you want to play in the water or not, there are numerous activities to choose from when the temperature starts rising.

Prepare your sunscreens! Here are some ways to take advantage of the heat in awesome San Diego.

1. Drink Delicious Beer (Or Eat Ice Cream) While Enjoying the Awesome View Of San Diego

Getting ice cream is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to cool off. Pick your favorite flavor and enjoy it as you walk around the city. Carnitas’ Snack Shack Embarcadero offers awesome soft serve ice cream in chocolate, vanilla and swirl. If you want to take your dessert to the next level, you can pair it up with our chocolate chip cookies too. Over 21? You can also cool off by enjoying a nice bottle of San Diego craft beer (hey, the city is pretty famous for that). Of course, beers are best enjoyed with tacos or a sandwich from our pork-centric menu. Hungry yet?


2. Swim, Snorkel And Surf

The beach is a no brainer. Most of the beaches will probably be crowded, so the important thing is to scout for a place that gives you some privacy. If you plan on doing some beach sports and water activities, it’s best to do your research to find the perfect beach. Don’t worry, practically all the spots here are Instagrammable. Make sure to take photos and wait for the sunset if you have time.

3. Go On A Cruise Or A Speedboat Tour

Don’t feel like getting wet? There are numerous ways to enjoy the sunshine without necessarily swimming. Speedboat tours and cruises offer a great opportunity for locals to see the city in a new light. You can even go on whale watching! Check out Flagship or Hornblower Cruises and Events at the Embarcadero. Don’t forget to grab Carnitas’ Snack Shack’s tacos or pork belly sliders for your fave crew to refuel after the tour.

Can't Handle The Heat? Here Are Four Ways To Cool Down In Sunny San Diego

4. Enjoy Indoor And Air Conditioned Fun

Yes, we love the sunshine but it’s totally possible to just stay indoors to enjoy air conditioned adventures, too. Gather your fave friends and organize a game night right at home. Word games, board games and card games are great for small groups. Of course, you also need small bites that can keep your bellies happy while playing. Carnitas’ Snack Shack’s tacos and chicharones are the perfect ingredients for game night success!