Entertainment Ideas For Your Next Corporate Party

June 22, 2018

Looking for ways to make your next corporate event the most memorable one yet? It can be quite a challenge. There are a million things to think about such as food, drinks, and venue. And let’s not forget about entertainment! It’s important to choose the right kind of performances and activities that will keep everyone on your team happy, from the CEO’s wife down to the youngest interns.

Need ideas? Here are corporate event ideas to keep you inspired:

1. Organize A Friendly Contest

A little friendly competition is a great way to keep everyone busy and entertained. Depending on the location and the people invited to the event, you can organize a scavenger hunt, a pub-style trivia contest or even a talent show. If you can’t decide, try to conduct a survey about what the crowd wants weeks before the event. You need to make sure that they like whatever you’re going to do so you will have participants in your contest. Don’t forget to invest in a cool prize for the winner as well!

Entertainment Ideas For Your Next Corporate Party

2. Hire A Caricaturist

Photobooths are good but you can take it up a notch by hiring a caricaturist instead. They’re always a hit at parties, plus attendees are always happy to bring home a souvenir from the event. If you want someone more up-to-date with trends, you can hire an artist who can draw using a tablet instead of by hand so that the attendees can also get an electronic copy of their caricatures to easily share on social media.

3. Customizable Giveaway

Let’s admit it, people absolutely love free stuff, especially things they can use or enjoy. Make swag bags interesting by creating a giveaway station where the attendees can pick the items they like. Office supplies and chocolates are always a good idea. If you have a themed event, you can also create a swag station that matches your theme.

Entertainment Ideas For Your Next Corporate Party

4. Have An Interactive Food Station

Yes, it’s definitely important to serve good food, but you can also make your menu more interesting by serving food creatively. This will give guests something to do and talk about while waiting. We suggest a nice taco station (you can talk to us here at Carnitas’ Snack Shack about customizing a menu for you). A DIY cocktail station is pretty interesting, too. It will give them a chance to create a drink according to their preferences.