Carnitas Snack Shack – Seen in San Diego Centric

January 10, 2012

We were recently reviewed in San Diego Centric! “When you spot the top brass of Phil’s BBQ feasting at the next table, you know this place is for real…”

Carnitas Snack Shack logoCarnitas snack shack: best burger in town?
By Ian Anderson

“…Carnitas is named for the owners’ pet pig (clearly there are some deep psychological issues at work here) and while the chalkboard menu may vary on any given day, you can be certain there will be plenty of succulent pork on the menu, whether in sandwich or (brace yourself) salad form. On return visits I found myself delving into a pair of robust carnitas tacos before moving on to a Banh Mi likely to give nearby restaurants sausage envy.

“In case you don’t dig on swine, the Shack delivers on the beef front as well. I was lucky enough to sample their delicious sliced ribeye steak sandwich on cheddar brioche and it left me wanting more. Fortunately, my appetites were ultimately satisfied by what I consider to be Carnitas’ crowning achievement: the Shack Burger. Tender all natural Niman Ranch ground topped with the likes of tomato jam, butter lettuce, white cheddar and a house made aoli that gives this just the slightest tweak from the classic burger.

“Which is what I’m about to say all the more controversial. This is one of the best burgers in San Diego– if it’s not the best, it’s at least in the conversation. Granted, this is a big burger town, and everybody seems to have a strong opinion on which of their longtime favorites is king, so let me be blunt: this burger will mess you up. I went back for a second burger just to be sure, and devoured it much too quickly to pay attention to such niceties as polite conversation or using a napkin. No fluke: this is definitively the best new burger in town. And I may not be alone in thinking so; when you spot the top brass of Phil’s BBQ feasting at the next table, you know this place is for real.”

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