6 Ways To Make Your Corporate Event A Night To Remember

March 7, 2018

Let’s be honest here: A corporate event is rarely the most happening bash in town. Most of the time, people are too serious or too tired to mix, mingle and enjoy with colleagues.

Well, you can change that.

Your office get-together does not have to be lifeless and boring. With a little inspiration and the right attention to details, you can create fun moments that your colleagues and your boss will appreciate and remember.

So where should you start with the planning? Here are some of our ideas.

San Diego event space

Take The Office Party Out Of The Office

Choosing a venue outside the office will encourage people to temporarily forget work deadlines and just enjoy the night. The right location will help create the right ambiance where people can mingle and relax. If you and your colleagues spend a lot of time in front of the computer, having your party in a fun outdoor space sounds like a great idea.

Did we mention Carnitas’ Snack Shack Embarcadero has an awesome view of the harbor and a great selection of drinks at the bar?

Keep The Speeches Short But Meaningful

If your CEO or director wants to share a few inspiring thoughts during the event, you should emphasize the value of keeping things short and sweet to keep the crowd interested. This is not the best time or place for long, meandering speeches. Also, remind the speaker to make the speech light and positive (schedule it before drinks!). People are at the party to relax and enjoy. Complaining about work and deadlines is definitely a buzzkill.

Serve Good Food

You can win over any heart with the right food. You don’t need a five-course-meal to make it a memorable one.

6 Ways To Make Your Corporate Event A Night To Remember - San Diego Event Space

What Are You Going To Do?

What are your plans for the night? Is there a need for live entertainment and music? How about games? Do you just want your colleagues to relax and bond?

You don’t have to fix everything down to the last detail, but it is important to have a rough idea of how you want the night to go. This will prevent your event from turning into a boring disaster. Whatever you choose, keep in mind the personality and preferences of your colleagues. Choose activities that you think they will enjoy and appreciate.

Don’t Forget To Take Photos

Of course, you should take photos! It’s important to document your colleagues having fun. You might even want to hire a professional photographer (or photobooth!) who can take creative shots during the event. On the business side, you can use these photos for your brochures and social media posts. Make sure you have shots that the marketing department can use all-year round.

Prepare Souvenirs

Your colleagues deserve a treat. Giving them something to take home as a reminder of an awesome night will make them feel special. Choose something that won’t end up collecting dust on their shelves. Go for something that looks cool, useful and portable. Something edible is a great option too. Depending on your company’s budget, you might want to go for customized apparel, stationary or artisan chocolates.

Ready to iron out the details of your event? Get in touch!